Educator Reflections_My 2016-17 Academic Year Highlights

This will largely be a pictorial journey of my past post-doc year since completing my Ph.D. from the University of Georgia.  I used this period of my life as a time to give back to the Columbus City Schools as a long-term substitute Science Teacher.  Although my sub license is designated for Adolescents to Young Adults (grades 7-12), I’ve have had the good fortune throughout this academic season to teach Pre-K through high school seniors.  What a blast and blessing!!  It was my experiences (and that of the students) while serving as the general science long-term sub teacher at West Senior High school for two years that provided the impetus from my returning to university study in order to obtain my doctorate.  God is opening doors to my destiny and my degree in Adult Education, Learning, and Organization Development has prepared me to better walk through those doors.

Throw Back Tuesday – My university administrator days at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.

I’m visiting with family in advance of a campus interview up North tomorrow morning and saw this picture of us from over 20 years ago at my sister’s house.  This photo was taken during my time as Director of Intercultural Relations at Edinboro University of Pennsylvania.  I’m sure my daughter was only about 11 years old at the time and my lil sister (City Councilwoman Sims) and I were in our mid-thirties.  What a great memory!!

This was during some ball soiree that my students asked me to chaperon for them.  It’s so funny because I don’t remember that my sister was there.  She said it was taken around the time of my birthday (Valentine’s Day); because someone gave me a scary stuff animal that I hated and I then regifted it to her. LOL  Nonetheless, I really love this photo of us!! ❤

IMG_4672 (2)

17 Years ago…Where has the time gone?


So I’m over at the Woodward Park Middle School library being impressed by their images of Black role models displayed throughout the building.  I took a picture of a poster board that made note of my Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorors (and adult educator) Septima Clark and Toni Morrison.

IMG_4609 (2)

Suddenly a familiar book caught my eye in the section of the library that highlighted Who’s Who in Black Columbus.  I particularly noted the New Millenium Edition because of its lovely silver color.  Also, because I remember being included in it as one of Central Ohio’s “On the Rise” professionals back in 2000 (I also have a copy of the book in my Georgia storage unit).  So I scoured the book and there I was on page 108.  I swear I don’t seem to have aged much over the past 17 years.  I also want to note that I was rockin’ the “blond” hair way before Beyoncé!! 👀😂🤣😂

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Year’s Ending Perks – Senior Class Parties with African Sambusa (ESL Students)

The Seniors brought in some delicious African Sambusa during our the 7th period US History class.  I was the Substitute Teacher benefactor having to cover for the ESL teacher today.  I enjoyed these delicious treats so much that the Seniors gave me the extra leftovers in order to take home for dinner tonight. 🙂  #Winning #ILoveBeingAnEducator ❤

Shortly, I’m going to be doing my end of the school year teaching highlights blog post (with pics).  It will cover my time with the Columbus City School District Pre-K babies all the way up to our 12th-grade young adult seniors.  For now, there are only 7 more days left in the academic school year.  Then, my Summer and Fall adventures 2017 will commence.


Senegalese Tchakiri

Tchakiri Recipe from Senegal, Africa